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He has very wide circle of Murids. On reaching the town he went to a house which was similar to his own Ribat in appearance.

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Ya Ghous Pak Mp3

So Ghouse is a kind of intercessor, who intercedes at a moment when the sins of a nation or humanity are at the point of being punished. The Psychic powers, which were exhibited by him in his infancy, naturally developed as he grew up, and were visible in all the stages of his holy life.

He refused, the gift but when the Khalifa begged and pleaded for their acceptance the Hazrat took two bags and pressed them. They reported the incident to the leader of the gang, who ordered the production of they youth before him. He died in Hijri and was buried within the premises of Dargah Jilania. He is well regarded and held in very high esteem by his own family, friends and Murids. This apparent, attachment, however, did not in any way distracted his attention and devotion to Allah in which he always found real pleasure.

Ya Ghous Pak Mp3

He was well known for his religious and spiritual knowledge. The inhabitants of Baghdad became frightened of the imminent danger. He possessed the spiritual trend of his father and like him became very popular in Baghdad.

Punjabi qawwali ya ghous pak aj karam kro 0

Of these innumerable, miracles, a few are given below. Like his brothers he had also learnt Hadith and Fiqh from his father and other scholars of his time.

Once under his presidency, in a Joint meeting with two other nationalist parties, he drew up an address which they presented to the King. He had for a considerable time been teaching these subjects in Baghdad and also delivering sermons. The separation between the son and the mother was pathetic and sublime. The punishment of Quraish was deferred till the migration of the Holy prophet from Mecca. He was also a poet and a very good preacher.

On getting a reply, he placed his palm on the breast of Sheikh Shihabuddin. Hazrat Abdullah Sawmai, before pardoning and allowing him to leave, asked Hazrat Abu Saleh to agree to marry his daughter who, he was told, was blind, deaf, lame and paralytic of hands. He reached his destination safely with his goods. One of the most remarkable things we hear from this Saint's life is that even a man's destiny could be deflected from conscious life into the dream state. He died in Damuscuss and was buried there.

So he decided to keep it somewhere else and tried to get up to do so. Among them were Sheikh Ali bin Hiti-a- Qutub of his time? He replied that he had promised his mother not to tell a lie under any circumstances.

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Upon this Hazrat asked Sheikh Shihabuddin what books he had read on the subject. Once the new moon of the month of fasting was not visible in the evening on account of clouds.

He subsequently married four times. The flood then began to recede slowly and came down to the Limit demarcated by him. She was also known for her piety and knowledge. When he sat down with a book on spiritual philosophy, Hazrat without seeing the book but questioning him said that the book was not a good one for him and should be discarded.

One day, he was going to the fields for an excursion. With the assurance of acceptability of their prayers, their prayers become a plea for Divine forgiveness and mercy. Her miracles were also very widely known in Jilan. Khaas tor par professional tabqa. All the four wives were all models of virtue and devotion.

Hazrat Seyidena Ghousul Azam conferred upon him the Khilafat of his Order in a dream, poweriso 5.7 which was later affirmed by the Walis of his time. After Hazrat Ghousul Azam settled down in Baghdad remarkable stories about his power circulated in Baghdad.

The man with long whiskers was a Christian of Constantinople who accepted Islam and was appointed by him to fill the place of the deceased. She complained that Hazrat was himself partaking the delicious dish of chicken daily whereas his poor son had been made to keep up on dry bread. It seems desire able here to explain that according to the Sufis, there exists a sort of hierchy of Saints at all times in the world through whom Allah manifests His mercy to the world of humanity. The robbed belongings were returned to their owners. He used to draw grains in this way for an unusually large period.

He bequeathed his entire property in Hijri for the benefit of the Madrassa of his Great Grand Father. Whereupon he said that the town I had seen was Nehawand a distant city in the outskirts of the empire under the Khalif of Baghdad. The six persons in the Ribat, were Abdul and Nujaba.

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The Sultan had a great regard for him. Hazrat then addressed his guests remarking that while he had been improving his heart, they had only been improving their tongue to speak ill of him and slander people. He acquired proficiency in Arabic literature under the learned Abu Zakaria Yahya Tabrizi, who was at that time the principal of Madrasa Nizami. Of these, about two thousand were manuscripts.

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