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Although not usually an angry person, Sam has shown that he has a bad temper, shown to even be capable of killing. Sam beats a werepanther up.

Sam begrudgingly respects Bill's actions. Alcide beats up Rikki but does not kill her.

Marcus tells Sam that he pissed on the wrong boots and leaves. While enjoying shifting with Luna, Sam notices that another shifter is nearby. He then shifted back to a human, much to Maryann's surprise, and crushed her heart as she watched helplessly. You can help by adding to it.

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The rest of the time he can do so at will. She is portrayed by starring cast member Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

During his stay at a hotel in Magnolia, Sam begins to have erotic dreams of Bill Compton as a side effect from absorbing massive amounts of his vampire blood. Sam has strawberry blond hair with blue eyes. He tells her that he can forgive Tommy for killing their parents but not for what he did to Luna. Sam uses this distraction to take Emma back and rescues Nicole as she is attacked by the pack.

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Sam knowing he has to go back to Bon Temps to pay his respects, he tells Nicole that she needs to call her mom because he has to go to this funeral even if it's not safe for him to go. To their surprise, the werewolves become agitated, and Rikki Naylor shifts into her wolf form and attacks them after learning the group has been taking pictures of them for days. Jackson, who followed Alcide, walks up silently and watches. They go on the run but are eventually sighted by Alcide's father. She calls her mother and as they wait for her to reach the hotel, Sam takes a shower and Nicole later joins him.

Sam and Emma cry and hug each other before Martha takes Emma and drives away. Despite this, Sam is dragged into the drama that surrounds Sookie and other supernatural creatures on an irregular basis. After safely escaping the werewolves, Sam shifts into a stallion and carries Nicole even farther from danger, taking her to a hotel room where they hide for the night. Sam tells Alcide he gave Emma to Martha and it's over. He mentions nothing of Luna's visit or his new skinwalking ability.

Sam tells her to stop her magic and tells her that she has the worst timing ever. He catches him and confronts him about faking his leg. Later the following day Sam found Daphne, held her at gunpoint, and asked her why she betrayed him.

The two bonded quickly as she also was a shapeshifter and they had a lot in common, Daphne was the closest relationship Sam has had up until this point. Nicole swears she will not say a word, Alcide doesn't buy it but Sam reminds him they used to be friends. The two bond in their gift and begin a relationship until it's revealed that she's working for Mary-Ann, trying to lure him into a trap. Nicole confronts him about the kind of life Emma will have being on the run getting to Sam's conscience. After they're rescued, she asks that they move away from Bon Temps due to its frequent dangers.

He sees Nicole struggling to run from the were camp, so he and Emma help her out. As Nicole and Sam are about to leave Alcide approaches them asking for Emma. Luna explains that her ex is a werewolf who is very jealous and could possibly be stalking her. He and Luna realize Tommy has skin-walked, which accounted for his high fever and vomiting.

There, the two discuss watching people they care about die, and eventually share a kiss. Army veteran, as was his father.

Sam Trammell Bio

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Besides these, he has not been active on other social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. While trying to connect to Tommy, Sam joins him on a run. He is angry when he finds Sam there.

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Sam and Alcide confront Marcus and Alcide kills him in the ensuing struggle. Early Life Sam was born to shapeshifter Melinda Mickens when she was sixteen years old. With time, their friendship recovers.

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This ends badly however, when the discussion moves to vampires and the inherent dangers of dating one, to which Sookie takes affront. Both Sam and his mother have kept their true nature secret from his human stepfather, brother, and sister. His is forced to reveal his true nature to Sookie when he falls asleep on the foot of her bed and reverts to human form.

This distrust is heightened when Bill Compton first walks into Merlotte's and catches the attentions of Sookie, spoiling Sam's attempted revelation of feelings for her. Nicole's mother comes to Nicole and Sam who are sitting at a booth in Merlotte's, dating ariane wlakthrough and she announces they have plane tickets and it's time to go.

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The assailants turn out to be an anti-supernatural gang led by former sheriff Bud Dearborne. Sam then runs out to the street after him. Tommy, in his Pit-Bull form, then quickly shifts into a hawk and flies away.

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Tommy lies to Sam and tells him that he must have eaten something that had poisoned him while running in a shifted form at the full moon. He leaves her to go back to the bar and have shots with Alcide.

He says she kept him on the back burner for so long and that Nicole is pregnant. Sam is revealed in the second season to have had a sexual encounter with the maenad Maryann while he was still an adolescent. In the season finale, we see him finding his money stolen. Sam may have a few strange secrets he likes to keep himself, but so does everyone else in Bon Temps.

This is how he learned that Daphne was using him all along and had been sent to Merlotte's by Maryann. Back at Merlotte's, Sam accepts Sookie's request for some free time to look for Bill and to also keep an eye out for Jessica Hamby. He is fired from his Merlotte's job by a drunk Sam. Although he was always attracted to Sookie, he did not reveal it to her until after she began dating Bill Compton.