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Rizwan Ali Ghuman has written this novel in a very realistic way. This book will change your ideas.

It is story of a Man who is alive for centuries and had witnessed every era of human evolution. She is one of the most selling authors in Pakistan nowadays. If you will read this book, you mind will be blown. Qur'ran established major rules and draws a wider boundary for everything, whereas ahadeeth goes in deep and explains details.

This Urdu novel is authored by the famous Ishtiaq Ahmed who is one of the most famous Urdu writers in Pakistan. Jews are waiting for this Anti-Christ for thousands of years, who will give them power to rule the world. New Novels Published on Sohni Digest. Hilal-e-Jurrat is the story of Pakistan army tiger who is performing his duty in a very brave way. She has written different short and long Urdu fiction stories.

Abideen who worked hard to translate the long Urdu book into Urdu language. Saraiki Trump is his first Urdu fiction. She has written a lot of Urdu novels and novelettes for different Urdu magazines and Digests. This Urdu book is written by Dr. The soldier faces the hardness of weather, the lack of food and arms rounds but he is such brave man that he is not leaving his post and defending his post in a very good way.

Junoon e Ishq Junoon Ishq is an Urdu Romantic Novel by Riaz Aqib Kohler about a dark complexion boy who wants to marry a beautiful girl but no girl was ready to accept his proposal. This novel is an action and adventurous novel for all Urdu readers.

This is a social romantic Urdu novel as well. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages. Ibne Safi has created this long Urdu fiction which gained attraction in the public.

Aleem-Ul-Haq Haqi

Accordingly, this novel is also translated by two different Pakistanis. According to some Islamic scholars a small number from Jews will also convert to Islam. Rizwan Ali Ghuman has written a few more novels.

He has translated the novel for Internet users and he is willing to publish his translated version in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed for Haalim and Haalim's dreams. The female host asks the different question from the guys about his future wife and married lifestyle. This Urdu Islamic book is all about those women who were made sure that they will enter the heaven for their good deeds. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Writer Aleem Ul Haq HaqiDajjal 2 by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba Urdu Novel pdf Shaheen eBooks

Another example is form of government. Dil Aaino Ka Sheher is a romantic Urdu novel. The original novel is written by the famous Ms.

The Jews have been extremely waiting for the Anti Christ, they are working hard to make the suitable situation for the arrival of their Messiah which is actually the Dajjal Anti Christ. The Fitna of the Dajjal is a test of the beliefs of the Human being and especially for the Muslims. Dajjal is an urdu translation of long english novel series The Omen.

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This is one of the most famous Urdu novels by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan. As per Najam Noor Khan, businessman flute music mp3 the novel is translated into easy and comprehensive Urdu words.

Such a people will be the easiest prey for the Dajjal so the Jews are trying to promote the Secularism. The novel has special interest for the cricket lovers. This is story of walking on a path of vengeance.

At the end, he gets Hilal-e-Jurrat - official award for bravery from the government of Pakistan. Hamayun Abbas Shams who has researched a lot before compiling this Urdu book. Namal is a blockbuster Urdu masterpiece of Ms. Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani R.

They praise her for such a wonderful and fantastic fiction. The story will take your interest until the last page of the book. Al-Frioni has exposed the satanic tactics and new conspiracies against the Muslim world. In the beginning, it was kind of democracy some wise-men picked up a person as caliph later it turned more into dictatorship and then a complete imperialism.

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