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Though the official word was that Silver has died during the ramming of the Dreadnought, Jim disbelieves otherwise, knowing that Silver is out there somewhere. An enraged Evar attempts to take Jim down with him by ramming his ship, but Silver's badly damaged ship arrives. It only fires fully loaded weapons banks, and does not fire lobbing weapons.

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Both Silvers recognize Jim, each claiming the other is a robot. This auto-fires all weapons in range of an enemy, regardless of whether there is an obstacle or not, and whether that enemy is already targeted or not. Soon, strange ships are sighted.

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Silver regains command of his fleet, and, together with Jim's fleet, rush back to Parliament to stop the Procyons. Jim manages to stave off the Procyons, but an Ironclad Dreadnought arrives, apparently having destroyed both Amelia and Silver's fleets. They send a Diplomatic Fleet that seems more like a war fleet under the command of Procyon diplomat Evar to Parliament, the center of government and home of the Queen, for the peace talks. Lobbing weapons work differently. Jim tries to talk to Silver, but Silver denies ever knowing him.

Light guns are weak but quick to reload, medium strike a balance between the other two, and heavy guns are powerful yet slow to reload. After a brief altercation, Silver retreats. Fleet permutations can be saved for reuse in future games. Jim refuses to believe Silver is in league with the Procyons, but is heartbroken as he sees Silver disable a civilian ship and force it into a black hole. However, they are soon intercepted by Silver's Pirate fleet.

Fearing the worst, Jim engages the Dreadnought. Jim pursues Silver to a pirate fortress, where he discovers two identical command ships, both commanded by a Silver. At the last moment, Silver's badly damaged ship arrives. Now determined that Silver is not the man he once knew, he pursues Silver to a Pirate fortress. The border around the weapon banks will turn green when that bank is in range and has line of sight to the target, whether the bank is loaded or not.

Speed affects turning rate, a faster speed results in a wider turning circle. The other Silver is aggressive, repeatedly ordering Jim to destroy the first Silver.

Silver is presumed dead, and receives a posthumous pardon and knighthood. They arrive at Parliament, only to find the Procyons have already sprung their trap. Together, they destroy the false Silver. They send a diplomatic fleet under the command of Procyon diplomat Evar to Parliament, the centre of government and home of the Queen, for the peace talks.

There are also lobbing weapons, which are aimed and fired manually. However, on the Frontier, ships begin to mysteriously vanish without trace. Ramming the Dreadnought, both ships are apparently destroyed. Inside the fortress, Jim finds two identical command ships, both commanded by a Silver.

The game takes place five years after the events of the film, Treasure Planet. The main focus of the game is engaging in battles. Jim's Man-O-War is heavily damaged in the battle, and loses all of its weapons. After aiding Amelia in fighting off the first wave, what to buy a guy you're dating for christmas the Procyons split up. Jim is ordered to warn the Empire of the Procyon trap.

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However, they are soon intercepted by Silver's pirate fleet. The Dreadnought stops firing, preparing to ram, which will completely obliterate the Navy vessel. He rams Evar's flagship, and both ships are destroyed.

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