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Basic accounting vouchers are Contra, Payment, Receipt and Journal. You can pass an entry for sales for each customer by creating a sales entry or you can pass entry computer wise at the end of the day. The Golden Rules are nothing but common sense. Tally sikhne ke liye computer zaruri hai Kya?

Thank you for advice about tally, I have had lesson about this topic called tally but the software is not installed in computer. It is like creating a client profile for the purpose of accounting. These tutorials will help understand the subjects at fraction of cost then a regular course. Because any type of transaction you can think can be used in Tally.

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Free Tally Course Online - Start Now

Free Tally Course Online - Start Now

In this post and video, english ringtons you will learn how to see Balance Sheet and Profit in Tally. You can do it under Configuration option from Gateway of Tally. Hai this is vasavi I have installed free tally but when i started clicking on activation it is asking the serial number can u help me how find the serial num and find it. Please tell me that how to use online tally?

Go through this post and learn everything about the profit and loss account in tally including different types of profit and loss accounts. Get the work in your job and learn it. And after learning tally do we need to purchase Tally officially or free software is available for doing normal accounting like making final balance sheet and submitting return. If you pay the customer, then there will be nothing in the balance sheet.

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You can use them in many different ways. So it is compulsory to create a company in Tally.

Jaise maine sikhaya ha waise solve karo or apko javab mil jayega. Stock Management is one of the core functions of business and Tally handles it beautifully. Then you start learning Tally and it will be much easier for you to learn Tally. You can create a Purchase Voucher instead of Journal Voucher. At least basic accounting knowledge is required.

Free Tally Course Online Start Now

Thank you very much Wajid for your kind words. It will take just a few more days. Waiting to hearing from you at your earliest. For example, if you purchase a chocolate, you will pass a purchase voucher which in simple terms is called purchase entry. Would appreciate a link to that.

Computer Basic Online Training. Easy, Affordable Online Training. Online Computer Training Demo. For eg, while creating accounting voucher there is no credit or debit info as in your videos. You can also watch the video, if you want to learn about assembling entries because the process is same for assembling entries as well as manufacturing entries.

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Hi, I hope you are just doing well. Thank you for requesting it.

You can view all the lessons here on this link. Sir few days back I asked you some suggestion about some other course. That is a difficult problem. There must be some problem. Other than that you can borrow a laptop from your friends.

All other functions are the same. What kind of transactions are you looking for? Depreciation and other provision entries are simple journal entries.

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You will also learn the Concept of Debit and Credit Notes in Tally therefore you actually know what that means and then you can easily use them in Tally. These videos are really helpful for me so far. Certificate In Financial Management. Please go through the course on this page and you will learn all of that. Carried forward amount from the last year is the opening balance in Profit and Loss account in Tally.

We are authorized by Tally Solutions Pvt. For beginning, you can start with Free Tally Course on this page. But still you need to invest some good amount of time.

Because You are in this line so you are more aware about this than me. Thank you Akshay for such an appreciation! And I learned a lot from your tutorial.