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Does this compromise satisfy both parties? Bayati poetry is known for its reflective and introspective prose. You are my yellow bride, You are my yellow bride. The following is a closed discussion of a requested move. You could clearly hear it even during the small celebrations following the killing of Hrant Dink by some Grey Wolf sympathisers.

Sari gelinSari gelin

Furthermore, your quotation entirely misses the point and is clearly out of context. Also please refrain from adding origin because it again neutrality as previously it is stated that the issue is contested why add only Armenian claims?

To the individual's who keep changing sourced information, discuss here why instead of constantly changing it without reason. But some musicians believe that this work has a history of years.

Don't pour poison into salt on my wound. What should I do, what should I do, yellow bride?

WikiProject Azerbaijan Azerbaijan articles Azerbaijan portal. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. The history of the song is known to this day by the natives of Erzrum. Answer me, don't break my heart! Of course, the selection of the title is obvious.

What kind of love is this? Oh, God, hear my crying, I felt this sharp pain in my heart, Love is a game and I was winning, I couldn't imagine such an end. Palandoken is a beautiful mountain, my Leyli, aman!

To use another well known example is the tale of the Armenian legendary hero, David of Sasun. She left and chose someone else, Akh! In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Indeed, throughout the years in question, the region was the scene of more or less continuous warfare, not unlike the tragedy which has gone on in Lebanon for the past decade. Don't keep the fire in your heart too long, Your destined happiness is written on your forehead. Sanar Yurdatapan is a composer and a human rights activist. If you would like to participate, please join the project where you can contribute to the discussions and help with our open tasks. Underneath has garden with purple hyacinth, oh, may your grandma die!

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The song Sari Gelin is about a Turkish boy who fell in love with an Armenian girl. It She has silver in its wings, oh, may your grandma die! This edit will certainly be considered one of the most controversial edit in this atmosphere of rivalry and ethno-centricity. They won't let me marry you.

By passing the resolution Congress will be attempting to determine by legislation which side of the historical question is correct. My eyes that see you are full of eagerness, You came into my dream like a ray, yellow bride.

Greek lyrics written by Christos C. Such a resolution, based on historically questionable assumptions, can only damage the cause of honest historical inquiry, and damage the credibility of the American legislative process. You don't braid the end of your hair, you don't pick a dewy flower. But you wanted death, You achieved your goal in the end, yellow bride.

Otherwise, referring to human rights activists and journalists as sources on song origins is not good. Professor of History University of California at Berkeley.

Myth and Reality devletarsivleri. Media related to Sari Gelin at Wikimedia Commons. Of course Armenians were in Mazandaran some centuries ago.

Perhaps putting a title with both Sari Aghjik-Sari Gelin would be more representative title. Our Wikipedia readers would also search it primarily as Sari Gelin as well. Redirected from Sari Gelin. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, definitely maybe please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. Both sources are non-specialist and thus not reliable.

From her eyes she pours into my heart the sensation of love and hope. How can one establish its Armenian origin? Such a relationship is forbidden by the girl's father but they end up escaping together. The song originates definitely from the times of the Ottoman Empire and would probably have carried the Turkish-based title in its origin.

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The manner of oral traditions and the lack of recording technology makes it nigh on impossible to assert that any one particular ethnicity is the owner of this song. Whatever impression you got of this author based on your personal interaction with him is your business, of which I have no interest. WikiProject Azerbaijan Azerbaijan articles. The tables are flipped, for the Armenian genocide is denied and massacres by Armenians against Moslems are emphasised and blown out of proportion. Parishan, the song comes from Erzrum and is about a Turkish boy who fell in love with an Armenian girl.

Sari Aghjik-Sari Gelin

Sari gelin

She left and chose someone else My heart yaman! The reverts by users who apparently have no use of what is being discussed is unacceptable. It's me, looking for you among the stars.