P2k Commander 6.0.0

But, like some other folks and as i say in my post i found either myself incompetent or the software lacking. Inbox Requires Setup On It? No improvement so then back to the one that was on the phone. Tried to update yesterday, downloaded and tried to install.

It seems that the wiki links are all nonfunctional and I can't seem to find it via search, so please help. Can someone help me fix this? Right now when it rings the phone number shows up on the front, when closed. Not a problem on my work computer. How I can solve this problem?

Motorola W385 - Update With P2k Commander 6.0 In XP

Problem is only on the home networks. Phone reboots and I get an android guy with an exclamation mark. What is this message and why does it appear? Have tried in various parts of the city.

Motorola P2K Commander Will Not Recognize W

It doesn't give full access any access? How do I add the new computer to my phone? If I try to update through motorola it directs me to the t-mobile update.

Is anyone else still not able to get the update? This morning there was a system update.

When phone restarts, a notification pops up saying the update was not installed. When I open the phone it automatically answers the call. My phone is from Singtel - Singapore, non-rooted, original rom. My old Razr recently gave up.

Unfortunately, getting on the network at home is most important because that is where I workout. Now my phone always displays no sim. Phone Locked During Update? This message appears while installing some other apps, winrar version 64 bit but I unistall the first version of the app then install the newer one and it works. Any suggestions on what to try next?

Motorola P2K Commander Will Not Recognize W385

Then i try to update the software and it says that it is already up to date. At this point I'd be willing to pay someone to help me via skype chat. Doesn't Recognize Sandisk Sd Card. After a few days it does not recognise it.

It seems mainly useful for uploading ringtones, pics, etc. When I received it I tested it and the keypad worked, as well as the camera and all the menus. Last night on my home computer I message popped up that MotoCast had an update. My W went through a rough patch.

But the majority of the time none of the numbers, nor the clear, camera, send or menu buttons work. Is the difference in ratings a problem? But the new computer name doesn't show up on my phone. When I do system update it sais it is current.

Are there any suggestions to try to have the phone work correctly? Regardless, I've experienced some success with this direction so i think i'm gonna take it as far as i can. Any ideas how to fix this?

This has not corrected the problem. Motocast web access says the new computer is working fine.

Active sync recognizes the phone, but the pc and motorola phone tools do not. When I clicked the update it then told me that there was no internet connection not true. Things were so much easier on my BlackBerry, but I really want to like this phone. Also, what is latest software for this unit?

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