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ALBUM House Afrika Mzansi House Vol. 8

ALBUM House Afrika Mzansi House Vol. 8

Sissay, who was born in England to an Ethiopian mother and has written extensively about the abuse he faced growing up in foster homes. Eagle comes for everyone relentlessly, throwing subliminals at fellow rappers. Brasse Vannie Kaap - Potjiekos. Songs from projects that were made singles this year don't count.

The story is intricate, and, just like all great stories, azhagi sun tv serial title song is about more than just Manando. The politics of the day had a huge impact on our growth and our music and how it affected us on a day to day basis. We were actually surprised that that album would break out and got the response that it did. So I would say the Cape Town movement is quite strong.

Mellow keys and a prominent bass line play a perfect backdrop for D. She owns the beat and adjusts her flow accordingly to its rapid bends, and she also lays a catchy one-liner vocal hook. He paints the picture for us about his muse Manando, from what type of person he was in the hood, to how he died, and how everyone took the news. It was a very gritty, hardcore, underground hip hop sounding track that created massive waves. That was the breakout hit.

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Images from collage via Twitter. We need to do the same for our artists down here. Flex Rabanyan has lines for days. On the song he's chronicling his endurance and seeing it bear fruits.

Kwesta reps the hood unapologetically, and invites Wale to do the same. Motswako hasn't given us a superstar since Cassper Nyovest blew up. The references to God and success, and the simple trap production drive the song. It's great to see how much of an archival moment each iteration of BlackOutEid brings. His entry point is land reform, but he also touches on the economy which excludes black people.

Maggz is always butter, and he combines singing and rapping flawlessly on this song. Aesthetically, the song is guaranteed to wake up some spirits inside you, with chants and screams that are drenched in reverb for effect. We are halfway through the year, and South African hip-hop artists have already gifted us with tones of great tunes. Yung Swiss is a real talent.

The final prize is two backstage passes to Red Bull Culture Clash! Reason talks about poverty, unemployment and all ills, and how rappers choose to ignore all that.

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He uses three different flows in one verse, and makes it look like it's not a thing. In terms of future do you see any stars on the horizon that are going to shine brightly? Reece sounds comfortable over the beat he's given and bends his flow to fit its twists and turns. And he got big before the usual suspects did. Amid numerous protests in Sudan, the military has scrapped the three-year transition deal and called for elections to be held within the next nine months.

Sissay's win marks the second year in a row that an author of African descent will be taking home the prestigious prize. Eid Mubarak to our Muslim fam! It's a song with heartfelt rhymes and a beat that uses bass and synths to evoke emotion. He can't sleep at night, his friends feel he has changed, he has grown and he prefers business partners over friends. Ig proves that Chana was, years ago, what your fave is still trying to be.

Kanyi is an impressive storyteller. Imagine a collaborative album from the two. The Swiss Supreme Court has suspended the controversial testosterone ruling in light of the South African athlete's recent appeal. Probably the most street-centric song of the year.

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Prophets of Da City - Roots. We just expressed whatever we experienced at the time although we were very much caught up in what hip hop should sound like according to us.

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They were roughly operating in the same era. It's the perfect combination of pop and hip-hop, and it also has some house and kwaito influences.

Photo by Hamish Brown Red Magazine. And his combination of singing and rapping makes the song impossible to box under one genre, but when you attempt to, it ticks most of the boxes of each. Big Star proves he can do more than just rap. Even the greatest lyricists will tell you how difficult it is to make the truth rhyme.

Take a journey through the history of local hip hop with one of the pioneers of the scene. Big Star is a dynamic artist.