Visitors can use this contact mic like a stethoscope to closely listen to otherwise inaudible sounds. Theory, Perspectives, and Practice.

Illustrations of Changing Classrooms. Continuum International Publishing Group. If you start to experiment with combining beetleblocks and watercolorbot let us know.

There's a lot of tweaking that can be done to optimize the hardware to make aesthetically beautiful paintings. The spiral ramp solution A drum loop unspooling in time has the topology of a spiral, not a circle. What is a community of practice and how can we support it? Flow experience in music education. University Of Chicago Press.

Small Great Things

Method Behind the Music - simple site with good music theory, musical instrument, and music history information for older students. Second, there is an existing rhythm app that uses a toroidal representation of time, The Donut by Strange Agency, shown below. Information for learning basic music theory. Some users will prefer entering sounds this way, especially if they have some percussion experience.

MmmTsss Playful Looper 0.4Essay Anne Carson s The Gender of Sound

Small Great Things

We'd love to see what everyone comes up with! Kisstunes - play and record on this online keyboard. Information on musical instruments and composers from Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Take Me to the Mardi Gras. Our desire to better understand what visitors are thinking when they deeply investigate sounds from specific materials lead us to this documentation sheet. As the user selects a circle, it expands to fill most of the application window. Basic jazz history, biographies on jazz greats, and an interactive timeline.

The size cue also makes the app considerably more accessible to colorblind users, a requirement we discovered inadvertently during testing of the Max prototype. Fun interactive games, composer biographies, and a behind-the-scenes look at Arizona Opera. An obvious solution would have been text labels within the rings themselves, but that proved to be an unworkable solution. How to create with recorded sound Good tinkering activities invite participants to explore a topic and in the process develop their own path of understanding and their own ideas for projects. Music Theory in Music Games.

Since it's conducive to the tinkering process to share and build on the ideas of others, we wanted to make the sound recordings sharable between participants. It is an appealing and futuristic looking interface, but after considerable effort, we were unable to make any sense of it.

The three-dimensional torus solution

Mashup Poetics as Pedagogical Practice. Hi Ryan and Brian Harvey - Ryan - beautiful documentation! We often describe it as a magnifying glass for sound. Seaquence - cool music composition sequencing program with an under-sea theme.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. For the beetle blocks code to work it has to be in two dimensions. Muse Score - free music composition and notation software. Either way, the text would layer awkwardly with the other information presented in the grid, and would become unreadably small toward the center of the circle. The Tinkering Studio is located inside the Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception.

One way is through Pinterest, a website to organize and share fascinating things on the web. How, then, to reconcile these advantages with the problem of uneven cell size? Engaging Adolescents with Music and Technology.

Audio recordings

The idea continues to intrigue me, but it has two main difficulties. Software Development as Music Education Research. She dove right into creating a prototype and we've since tried out different versions with our visitors. Each drawing takes about minutes depending on the complexity of the program which could even work for us to try with visitors to the Tinkering Studio.

Tinkering with sound - developing tools to explore and share sounds. The target area becomes reasonably sized, and also reinforces the connection between the name of the sound and its corresponding ring previously indicated only by color.


MmmTsss is a simple multitrack looping program, with each track represented by amplitude blobs around a circle. Appendix to a proposal to the National Science Foundation. Brian how do you get Snap! Doctoral dissertation, khatta meetha 1978 movie New York University.

Click here to make this no-sew fringe bag from Tealou and Sweetpea. Helpful musical games - a list of fun online resources. Wisdom for Music Education from the Recording Studio. It is simple and clean-looking, and has the added virtue of being easy to represent algorithmically.


Harper Perennial Modern Classics. Alternative representations for musical composition. The screen becomes populated with sounds recorded during the workshop and visitors can share, combine and compare sounds on the touch screen monitor. During playback, sounds can be entered live simply by tapping the name label.

Painterly Interfaces for Audiovisual Performance. Look around your house, and you may be surprised to find books that you do not read anymore, or ones that are slightly damaged. Meaningful Music Making for Life. Grab your oldest summer tee and start making.