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At the beginning I tried with the all folder option and then I strated exporting selected folders. What backup program are you using? It starts the conversion process without causing any loss or damage to the data.

But when I try to export those correctly-imported messages from Windows Live Mail over to Outlook, that critical data is lost! Click Finish to complete the new account setup.

Your old e-mails should show up now in Outlook. It can always be moved around later. Is there any way to recategorize them? What happened when you tried it?

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The solution you proposed worked wonders. Click Run and wait while it processes all folders. Any idea how I can move the messages that are in that file to the other two files? So I deleted the frmcache.

This will be the name of the data file you just created in Outlook. It is free and simple to install. Same problem here, anybody found a solution yet? Are there any workarounds? Diane, you are a blessing!

When this happens, Outlook is unable to connect to my Live Mail. They would at least offer a way to migrate to it without having to pay out the teeth for a one time use software. Any suggestions on what else I can try? It freezes and everytime I have to force it to close it.

This was my problem also, but now I know what to do about it. Outlook does not understand an. Or wade through a long list such as this looking for a solution only to find it worked for one but not for another? The object could not be found.

File, Open, Import - if that doesn't import them, no. What would make more sense is if Microsoft would actually create software that worked together. Enter the email address, password and display name for the account you want to set up, then click Next. Click the box to include subfolders.

He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office and Exchange Server. Diane, I echo Abe's words - you are a blessing.

If it wouldn't have been for online resources like this forum, I would have probably given up. No one has a suggestion for this? It still doesn't understand multi-message. Then, there are add-on apps that help with all sorts of Outlook issues. It's features user-friendly and innovative interface so both non-technical and technical users can easily perform conversion without any hassle.

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The solution involves Microsoft Internet Explorer. Rather than google sync, i'd use hotmail - create a hotmail account, move the messagers to it to sync up then install the connector in Outlook and download.

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Kinda hard to find what I'm looking for that way. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead. Like many others, I've wasted hours for what should have been a simple task of exporting and importing. Go to Tools menu, Options. Well, that seems to be part of the problem.

It didn't fix the problem. Office Office Exchange Server. But the convert button stays grayed out. The problem seems to be when trying to export large folders.

Then, choose the destination folder. Any thoughts on how I can fix this problem is greatly appreciated.

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The total file count was correct, the dates were correct, and the attached documents were included and usable. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. One would think this type of problem would be fixed. It lets the user filter the data based on different standards like To, From, Subject, Date and Attachment. Name it whatever you wish, and don't worry about adding any files to it.

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This is a classic example of how well Microsoft is connected within its own company. Now, you must first go to Windows Live Mail and export your message folders. Windows Live Mail will connect to the Exchange server and download new mail items. When you launch Windows Live Mail it will begin the new email account wizard if there are none already configured. But I could live with the awkwardness of the extra step, guadalupe essential font if only it would at least not corrupt the data!

These are all Microsoft products. This is a bug that should be fixed by Microsoft!

Click the Other tab, and then Advanced Options. Next, in Outlook, create a new data file.

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Use the move to folder command. This is in spite of the fact that the messages all do get copied over with their subjects intact i. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, creats an association in the Default Programs panel. When I open it in Outlook all my messages appear to be there, but now I have a third folder, named Outlook. ToolsBaer eml to msg conversion.

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Exporting from live mail to Outlook? Mac Mail exports messages in a standard. Any other suggestions on how to move my email messages over to Outlook?