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TheTruthSpy control panel can be easily accessed from anywhere and at any time wherever you want just you need to have an Internet connection. With the help of this app, you can spy all the call recordings, spy call recorer and all types of video messages.

Spy Call Recorder - Hidden Call Recorder - Voice Call Recorder

This app is the best you can know the real location of your target person anytime as you want to. And to get all the details information you just have to log in to your TheTruthSpy account and get all the recordings of calls that are being made or called from the target person.

Features of spy call recorder. This will automatically increase the productivity of the company. Spy calls recorder helps you to hide it from the settings of the androids. You must find something that you partner is not interested in you or you may even feel that they are not coming on time and are spending their money somewhere else. This app works well on these applications as it is software and works internally.

So if you want to find the exact information then it is best that spying person will never come to know that you are spying on them. Not only the conversation but it helps you to provide the entire picture, videos, and all the audio files.

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Gary s MIDI Paradise - MIDI files I - R

You can easily log on and know any of the activity of the phone that is done by the target person very secretly and automatically. TheTruthSpy is the best app as it is very reliable and gives you the right information.


You can easily get all the information so that you can know the truth and can take timely action against them. It will record everything that is hidden or is locked with the password. All the conversation with the date and time is being given to.

This feature helps you in tracking all the messages that are received or done by the target person. With the help of this feature you can know easily what is going behind the back of the people.

Spy call recorder is the best app that helps you to monitor all the activities that are done on the phone. So it is important to download important call recording and keep a backup immediately so that you can get all the recordings of the calls immediately whenever you need them. Whether they are received or dialed by the person. You just need to have internet connection on your device. TheTruthSpy allows you to provide invisible monitoring to all its users to make sure as nobody can find them easily.

You can get specific information about every specific number to whom the call was made and received. As this app is the best, you can easily find the location of the phone very easily. Not only it helps to hacks WhatsApp messenger but delivers complete cell phone tracking benefits.

Call recorder, Spy call recorder, Call recorder, Voice call recorder. Many times there is phone provided by the company for office purpose only, but there are many employees who use this phone for office purpose. You can know the information of every minute whatever is done on the phone.

You can download the player app and can listen to these files. It works well on all networks. With the help of this app, all the information can be accessed very easily. And you want to know where they are spending all their money. TheTruthSpy gives its users the best ability that helps you to remotely record all the calls that are made to or from the target person.

This feature allows you to record all types of dialed as well as received calls. And many times if the monitoring person knows that you are spying on them then they will not do anything from their phone as they will be alert about the spying. Employers always have the fear that they are leaking harmful deals via the phone. You can record all of the conversation. They must be not in the class during the times of classes and may be lying to you, but with the help of ambient listening you can listen to the background to noise and know the truth.

Therefore with this app, we can know all the activities that are done by the target person so that we can get required information about what they are doing on these social sites. And if the employees know that people are spying on them then in such a case you can they will work on time do all their work sincerely without wasting their time on the phone.

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So with the help of call recording feature, you can get all the recordings of the calls so that none of the calls are missed by you, and you can get all the details of the calls. Make sure you remember the password of your TheTruthSpy account.

Many times there are people who doubt their partners about. Even if one gets the lost phone and tries to change the network of the phone then also you can get the all the information about the phone. Then you can get all the information from the spy call recorder.

You can easily know where your partner is spending most of the time. You can get all the recordings of the calls are uploaded to you online on your control panel. This feature allows you get all the conversation that is done on the WhatsApp. You can easily get all the details of the entire text message. TheTruthSpy gives you the ability to remotely record all phone calls made to and from the monitored phone.

Spy Call Recorder - Hidden Call Recorder - Voice Call Recorder

Social Chats Monitoring- this is one of the best features allows you to get all the information of the chats that are done of the social networking sites. Even if the networks are changes, you can easily get all the information about the phone as before. Not only can this you can even download the recordings of your calls on your computer, unicam software android phones or you easily listen to them directly from the control panel at any time whenever you want to. Employers make sure that employees are not wasting their time taking on the phone rather than working in an office.

This feature allows you to track all the phone calls that are you can record all the voice calls with all time and date of call that is received or dialed. Therefore with the help of TheTruthSpy app, you can know which employee is doing so.

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Hidden Call Recorder