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Make sure you read the above link before downloading! It is a must have for all the fans of real time strategies. In here, just like it was in previous part, we will be able to play in regular campaign game mode. And virtually all you can do is look on. One eight-player map offers barely enough room on some inlets to support more than a storehouse.

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Would you like to take the role of a king, whose goal is to go on a crusade and defeat infidels? Download Link Magnet Link. In the game there is a manual that helps you to explain the game mechanics and the uses of the various constructions and characters.

These range from useless close-ups of your usually unoccupied dining table to useless close-ups of your drawbridge or some random cornerstone brick. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram.

The base for the development of our stronghold are our subjects. You are not going to find any of the things served in Stronghold series in any other full game pc.

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Open the Game and Enjoy Playing. Leave a Reply Batalkan balasan. Even long-trusted clergymen and blacksmiths will turn abruptly to crime and begin raiding your storehouse, regardless of your popularity at that moment. Pemain juga mungkin akan diminta membantu kubu sekutu yang tengah berperang. It is a type of title that will surely be memorized and to which you are going to return after several years of absence.

Gameplay is focused most of all on the competition in terms of military, what can be an advantage for many of you. You are required to complete the mythical chapters with using the resources you are given at the beginning of the missions. Bantuan dari kubu sekutu dapat menjadi pilihan untuk mengalahkan lawan. Pemain juga dapat memilih mode Skirmish dimana satu orang pemain dapat melawan dua hingga tujuh lawan serta menjalin kerja sama dengan memilih sekutu.

Resultantly, you can only erect farms on the oasis grass that ignites rivalry among players for limited farmland and resources. Obviously it heightened the requirements.

We have to calculate it properly, so after all the constructions the number of raw resources will be enough to conduct the military operations. The thing that distinguishes this part from all other games is the possibility to cooperate! Balancing between the satisfaction of people and the expansion of the town is very delicate, which reflects the raw materials available later. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. What is different from both is that it is set in the Middle East.

Admin juga sudah download game pc ini dan mencobanya sendiri dan hasilnya cukup ringan gan. Everyone who likes to wheel and deal and put an effort in the gameplay will be surely pleased with the newest production of FireFly Studio. We are more than sure that presented title will appeal to taste of each and every single fan of strategic games. High level of difficulty is something that distinguishes Stronghold series from other series.

We mean here likeable units and possibilities in constructing our own castles. The sound, music, and voice acting are casually light-hearted and effective. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have! Download WordPress Themes Free. It is the successor of Stronghold.

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Merging groups of units ooze into indistinguishable smears. In here, we can manage the castle and all our holdings together with our friend! Pile these resources up and select to either exchange them with money or utilize them for defense. Download WordPress Themes.

The fans of classic strategies will be certainly pleased with the mechanics and the gameplay offered by this position. There are a few cool new innovations. Much like a siege, though, the sheer weight of bugs, technical frustrations, and overall lack of polish grinds you down. It proves that the authors cared about even the smallest part of their game. Kecerdikan memilih unit dan memainkan strategi dengan menugaskan Assassins, Pelempar Api, Pemanah, Pasukan berpedang hingga para budak bisa menjadi cara memenangkan game ini.

Firefly Studios Stronghold 2 PC Game Overview

Stronghold Crusader Trailer How far it goes? With Stronghold Crusader you will be brought back in years, at the time of the crusades. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory. No other game before or since has so gracefully integrated maintaining apple orchards with setting hundreds of screaming knights on fire. You can see the colours changing such as blue turns into red, dev music so as to match the colours of the Knights Templar.

The primary goal the game impose on us is taking care of the good mood of the population under our rule. What can we say about the latest Stronghold installment? The new buildings and animations are individually inventive and often amusing.

Stronghold Crusader 2 - PC Full Version Game Free Download

This precise location of space allows the whole game to take a precise turn. You can bring one chicken into use to put a particular level waiting. Strategi pertempuran menjadi satu hal yang wajib dikuasai oleh pemain jika ingin memenangkan game ini. Another advantage of the game is multiplayer mode. Your only option is to systematically destroy buildings as fancier ones become available.

The thing that influences the people is the amount of taxes food rations and access to tavern as well as access to the places of worship. Mail will not be published required. Or maybe you are looking for a way to personate in an Arabic ruler and drive Europeans off your lands? New edition of a very popular real time strategy game set in medieval times of crusades was anticipated by plenty of fans.

The whole application grants you warranty that nothing bad will happen during installation! In the desert it will be very important to manage the water resources and to ensure that your commoners survived the attacks of new fairs.