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French american dating culture, american and French Cultural Differences

While they create some controversy in their efforts to conserve the language, they also manage to be fairly successful at preserving it. My first reaction was to laugh at him because it seemed so absurd that someone let alone a cashier my age with whom I had only spoken three words was asking me on a date. This is seen in everything from the way greetings occur, to proper etiquette in a restaurant or store. Well, we usually go out in groups and meet within this social group.

American and French Cultural Differences

Indeed, alcohol plays an important role in the gastronomy of France, where wine is typically consumed at long, leisurely evening meals. When I was visiting California this summer, a cashier from Brandy Melville asked me out on a date while I was buying a t-shirt. Not only that, but France actively promotes French artists - be they dancers, painters, or musicians.

Furthermore, the French are taught early on to question everything, and to move swiftly to change government and laws when they disagree. The acceptance into the family so quickly was very touching to me. While the article suggests that a kiss is all it takes to become exclusive, this ignores the fact that the French tend to be more liberal about casual sex.

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Top Differences in France

Preserving the Language The French are very serious about preserving their language. The truth is, there are advantages to both ways. In France, we only have exclusive relationships. Perhaps it might be better to just try to combine the best of both worlds. Food is to be enjoyed and savored and people tend to linger over their meals as opposed to eating as quickly as possible.

However, the internet internet dating, meet ups, etc. The dating cultures are just so different.

Until the advent of the internet, most American relationships started in groups introductions from friends, coworkers, family, etc. Formality and Etiquette The French are much more formal in day-to-day actions than are Americans.

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Then, things kind of just happen. Kissing Greetings In America, most people tend to greet with a handshake, or a friendly hug.

In France, everyone you know and meet in a social, friendly context gets kissed on the cheek. Women, especially in Paris, tend not to wear jeans and are not likely to be caught in sweats either - unless they are making a fashion statement.

Political Activism To the French, Americans are especially apathetic in their personal role in government and change. The idea that you can get more done as a group, and that no single person is more important than the entire group, are a key beliefs in the French workplace. Despite all these differences between American and French culture, philopino dating Americans are likely to enjoy all that France has to offer and even come to appreciate the French way of life!

Furthermore, French teenagers keep their relationships very private. The government spends money on making sure that French artistry is promoted and supported in all its forms. In the same vein, Americans are often seen as somewhat prudish when it comes to displaying the naked human form.

You might wonder how people get to know each other then. Lack of Inhibition The naked human body is something of beauty and is very much appreciated in France.

We keep that for private spaces, or once again, parties. In the United States, however, you would be hard pressed to find an overwhelming majority who support the oppression of personal religious expression on a daily basis in the same way.

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She dreams of moving to the States to make French culture more known. While Americans tend to believe in the power of an individual to make a big difference in the world, this notion is not part of the French culture. Art Appreciation It's not just that France promotes the arts - it's more that the entire culture appreciates the fine arts and reveres France as the birthplace of many world-renowned artists.

Much better to hang out as friends first and get to know them. In the United States, the right to personal freedoms like religious expression generally trumps the ideal of a collective spirit. It is also seen in the language.