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Founderdating co-founder or cofounder, join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

This also qualifies the relevant people with whom to be paired. It has never been easier to communicate and even connect and work with people even on the other side of the globe.

We had comparable energy levels and great chemistry during our first conversation. They do an excellent job assessing backgrounds and ensuring that the people attending have a proven track record in their previous roles.

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You are selling yourself and your idea. Additionally, if you want to hire more engineers, how hard will it be to find people using this language.

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You need to make sure you are going to work well together, can communicate, balance one another, and bring out the best in the other person. Being cagey or thinking someone is going to steal your idea gets you nowhere. After a few months of this process, I had some highly promising suitors, but no one was perfect. Elizabeth holds a degree in Economics from Harvard College during which time she did her first successfully exited startup, DormAid. Given those criteria, where are the watering holes to find these engineers?

So, why settle and get into something that would result in a suboptimal partnership or possibility of a divorce. Each of us had mutual areas of interest, complimentary backgrounds, and compatible work styles. After the group exercise, we were free to network some more and meet people outside of our group. Consequently, I either needed a tech co-founder or to pay someone to develop the product. Elizabeth Knopf is Co-Founder of Sorced.

You might as well hire an outsourced team. Through this process, it gave us a sample of how the group works together and different people engage.

The Magic Happened at FounderDating! Then, dating a police officer quotes for girls FounderDating had us split our group up into two and have the teams come up with a quick pitch to the other team. FounderDating successfully made me a match with my co-founder.

At this point, she was assessing if there were other people in the pool of candidates who would be good matches. She alluded to a few different backgrounds of people who she had spoken to one of whom turned out to be my co-founder and get my feedback on if that was the type of person I was seeking.

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Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Apply for FounderDating FounderDating brings together super talented, handpicked entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets who want to start companies. Apply here for FounderDating! Before sealing the deal, we spent some time working with each other, and the engagement quickly turned into a co-founder partnership! Hence, they are building a marketplace of hackers and hustlers to come together to form companies in a much more resourceful manner than haphazardly trying to find your co-founder on your own. With the free plan, you are able to contact up to five members, but there is a Pro Plan, which allows you to get in touch with an unlimited number of co-founders.

So, we chose a business concept, established the pain point, discussed the solution, identified monetization and customer acquisition strategies, and assessed market opportunity. Now that I had a few people of interest, the courtship began.

One of them became my co-founder. CoFoundersLab CoFoundersLab allows the users to create a free profile before they start browsing in a search for co-founder, adviser or an intern for their company.

Personalities and communication styles became very clear within minutes. You need to build a foundation of trust for the relationship to work. Founding a company is a marriage. The application requires several references, who they actually reach out to and assess your credibility as a candidate. This might be the case, especially since the first product is technically simple.

Thus, this is not the right co-founder for you. While it is not required to have an idea, if you are a business person, you should have something you are excited about.