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It is the national language of Pakistan. Please take time to review the app - especially if you find it useful and have not done so. Your friends can browse through the shared folders on your harddrive and vice-versa. Another interesting feature about this dictionary is that it contains the names of the Prophets peace be upon them allSahaabah and the Great Imaams with their meanings.

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Feroz Ul Lughat Urdu By Molvi Feroz Ud Din Pdf

Feroz Ul Lughat Urdu By Molvi Feroz Ud Din Pdf

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Feroz Ul Lughat Jame By Maulvi Ferozuddin

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This Urdu Lughat is a reference book and a gift for students and Urdu learners. Offline Urdu Lughat is totally offline urdu to urdu dictionary with detail. Hamariwebs English Urdu Dictionary contains the largest data on internet with over words and growing everyday.

Feroz ul Lughat Urdu to Urdu Dictionary

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It is the only most compact size of Feroz ul Lughat available on Play Store for user convenience. Title, cricket games full version 2011 Feroz-ul-Lughat Urdu Dictionary. This version of Feroz ul Lughat is a single file download version.