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Do I have to be tall, muscular, and extremely slender to master breakdancing? Don't just be a robot, express yourself. Wall push-ups are an excellent exercise for break dancers.

When you step forward, you can allow your arms to swing back behind you, and as you hop back to a resting position, let them swing back to the front of your body. Now take one hand off of the ground and push with it as you spin yourself with the other.

Always warm up before starting to breakdance. We are here to learn the Indian step.

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Know the basic terminology. Poignant stuff for us rule-breakers. It is used to describe the six- or four-step movements a performer is doing on the ground.

Choose your hip hop beats. Return to your home position with your arms on the ground supporting your legs in the air. Jump back to the resting position once again.

Make sure your chin is tucked in toward your collar bone during this step to avoid injury. The jackhammer is an extremely hard move that takes a lot of strength, so don't be discouraged if this move takes months to get down.

Master the basic moves before moving on the more difficult ones. Pick music with an upbeat, steady rhythm and a flow that you can feel. Show your strength with a jackhammer.

Now complete the push off and leg swing on the other side of your body, swinging your left leg under your right and rolling over your right shoulder onto your upper back. This move is often performed at the end of a sequence as well. Be careful when first learning these moves and listen to your body's true abilities.

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To learn how to breakdance, start with simple standing movements, like bouncing on your tip toes and criss-crossing your legs. To learn more, including how to do breakdance moves like windmills and jackhammers, aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye mp3 scroll down.

Place your hands on the ground and keep your left elbow tucked under your hip bone. Make sure you ask the B-boy teacher if you as a girl can attend the class. The arm movements are really up to you, so groove to the music and let your body express itself. Be loose and enjoy yourself when breakdancing - it's all about fun and feeling the rhythm.

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Just try not to get swept up in this! Twist your upper body with your arms tightly wound around yourself.

It'll help with coming up with pre-determined sequences. Keep your hands on the ground when just beginning to learn this move.

Practice this move until you can spin in a circle fluidly. Windmills are an advanced skill that requires a lot of practice and patience, and daily practice over a long period of time will help improve your windmills. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. This Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers team-up is one for the ages. Cross your right leg over and in front of your left leg.

Lift your right leg and rest your right ankle on top of your left knee, like you would to cross your legs in a chair. Yes - it helps to keep your legs more bent and underneath you, so you can go faster and your legs won't get twisted. One of the top rock basic moves. Start to put all of your weight onto your hands and tilt your body on top of the platform you created with your two arms.

Bam, bam, this is the Indian Step. First move everybody learns, Indian step.

You are now ready to move on to whatever groundwork you want. You want your weight to be mostly distributed over your left forearm. Did this article help you? Stay centered, have your legs spread out length apart.

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All right and your go back. Article Summary X To learn how to breakdance, start with simple standing movements, like bouncing on your tip toes and criss-crossing your legs. Every expert breakdancer you see doing perfect windmills started as a beginner, just like you.