Background Music For Magic Shows

Some popular types of magician include prestidigitators, conjurors, hypnotists, mentalists, and escapologists. Healing And Meditation Mood. Only the purchaser has the right to use this music. And of course, great fun for a regular magic show, any time of year!

Magic Music (loop)

There's even a Hillbilly track! This is peaceful, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound. Full orchestra cinematic waltz with a bit of demonic mood brings horror and fear to your project. Conveys a sense of cinematic mystery and magic. Beautiful sweet and romantic instrumental music track.

Magic Show Music

Sound Clips From Orange Free Sounds

Useful for relaxation or to create a peaceful mood. This track is a real adventurous audio gem from a virgin island scenery with a crystal clear ocean surrounding it and soft white sand covering its beaches. Sad, nostalgic, dreamy and magical. Light and elegant, featuring pizzicato strings that create a mood of mystery and desire.

Magical and inspirational winter holiday track with rich piano keys, fairy flutes and strings, positive shiny bells, cinematic drums, orchestral horns and brasses, sleigh bells, catchy melodies. Perfect background audio for any romantic and sentimental videos, films, wedding videos, sad and sorrow stories, romantic and touching moments, sweet and lovely storytellings. This is beautiful and magical cinematic music with lovely and excited atmosphere. Dramatic, scary and creepy cinematic orchestral music.

Beautifully arranged, orchestrated, and professionally recorded in styles ranging from classical to rock, jazz, dance, hip hop, samba, house, funk, atmospheric, and even Gangnam Style! Perfect for video games, animations and comedy videos. Timeless, energy-driven, entertaining and fun.

Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic products, fashion shows and everything that needs a passionate Near East background music flavor. These Tracks are perfect for giving your show the professional edge that puts you over you competition. Each song is brilliantly performed, featuring superb solos on guitar, fiddle, banjo, pedal steel, and mandolin. Tender, devoted and inspiring.

Magical, inspiring and beautiful. Magic and bright orchestral Christmas music featuring festive strings, jingle bells, and bright brass section.

Royalty Free Background Music by Arthur & Leslie Stead

Magic Show Original Soundtrack

Perfect background music for events such as a wedding ceremony, love story, heartwarming scenes, sweet and gentle moments of life. Perfect background audio for any video, media, YouTube, roger walker textbook or slideshow.

Cinematic romantic track with sentimental melody and warm magical sound. This will make a huge difference in your shows! Perfect for all your shows.

Your email address will not be published. Magical upbeat cinematic and beautiful track with festive mood and winter holidays atmosphere.

Atmospheric and floating ambient background track working perfectly as an unintrusive background track for any scientific or research, space or travel projects and the like. Great for fantasy and fairytale, romantic video, dream wedding, princess at her first ball, magical moment, Disney style visuals, bedtime stories, and more. Paranormal magic is usually realized through acts such as rituals, prayer, symbols, sacrifices, and language, to name a few.

Ideal background tune for a ghost story, gothic castles, black magic, comical cartoon animation, witches and scary pumpkins. There is also a lot of depth and substance in our music, because we use subtle film scoring techniques to involve the audience emotionally. Hey, i want to use your music in my games. Many people say that Harry Houdini was one of the most famous magicians that ever lived. Great for projects related to creepy and nasty dark magic projects.

Have a blast performing like the Rock Star you are! Good for nature videos, adventure projects, emotional journey, heartfelt drama with the inspiring feel of happiness, fantasy movies, scientific discovery. Conveys positivity, love, hope, wonder and the power of imagination.

Tubular Bells meets Brian Tyler. Fun, exciting, wholesome, fit for family theme videos, adventure games, commercial or Victorian era projects.

This is the beautiful and commercial modern Christmas music with magic bells, glockenspiel, celesta, chimes, orchestral strings, horns, choir, oboe, dance drums and bass. Dreamy and cinematic orchestra film music featuring piano, celli, viola, violin. Relaxing and dreamy mood created with glockenspiel and piano.