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We talked about my life in Bali, my love for spices and my hate for pretentious westerners in Bali. For many, the future looks uncertain. Issue April - Baby Boss Cover. It was such a successful sell-out show. Also, book stores in Tokyo.

Babyboss magazine is my favorite magazine in Indonesia. Babyboss magazine friend Jack Usine did the logo. Magazines babyboss Franky. The ability to adapt to new systems and processes. If you prefer the latter, bagger simulator 2010 then please apply!

Ability to hold down articulate and controlled Senior Level conversations. More about Sergeant Paper gallery. Get out there and get your work seen by as many people as possible.

Cover for Concept magazine in Indonesia. When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters. We challenge ourselves to find the best examples of vector art in the world and then bring them to our members.

The computer is only another way of making a mark on the page after all. The issue was about street golf so I drew a golfer in the street. Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.

People who say they are going to do something and then do it. After my solo exhibition in Jakarta, Concept came to interview me. Drew Goldstein Vice President Healthcare. Paris cool cats came for an afternoon drinking session with nice music, good visuals and great vibes.

You have a fun and hardworking attitude. Drawing for an album cover is like a teenager dream babyboss magazine true. Back then website portfolios were a relatively new idea, but becoming increasingly important.

Magazines and album covers

Cover for the brazilian duo Mixhell. Block party for the release of the album.

Album and magazine covers

With no brief and a total respect for my artwork, it was a pleasure to work with Concept. When a lost mosquito to have such a huge turn out and positive response to my work. After years working as an art director, it feels good to be under the spot lights.

Cover with a man playing cross golf. Following my Jakarta solo exhibition I talked for a conference. Get involved in the local community and start exhibiting.

Album and magazine covers

Together they describe a destination for everything that the world of vector art has to offer. One day the editor-in-chief came to my house and asked me if I wanted to do the cover of his magazine.

He also came for the Mega party at Favela Chic. My advice to aspiring illustrators would be to establish a style, practice, and stick with it. Write for us - Contributor Guidelines. The idea of creating something from nothing to a finished piece of work, inspires me. Every day, we rotate a new file for members only.

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Vektorjunkie is a perfect example. Whether I am working on an illustration, animation or a piece of acrylic art, they all start off as a sketch. My friend Jack Usine did the logo.

They also asked if I wanted to illustrate the cover of their mag. The issue babyboss magazine about street golf so I drew a golfer in the street. We are looking for driven confident sales people. Published by Vektorjunkie.

He studied Visual Arts and Multimedia in Australia and has worked in the gaming, education and animation industry. Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website. However, my main focus now is building the products for the store and running the main site. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

Magazines and album covers

Vector work can be used for multi-formats such as print, web, and animation. Babyboss magazine came to play music for the Parisian stop of my touring exhibition. You can create super clean lines and vibrant colours. Great place for inspiration.

Generally, my work is inspired by my love of tattoo art, Japanese culture and horror movies. This is the key to get good detail.

Interesting to see how it comes together with the story creation, storyboards, animatics, but challenging with all the hurdles one has to overcome to produce an animated series for television! The name came to me one early morning. Lance Mcgee Office Manager. These links must help explain your piece in greater detail or be a great example of the linked word.

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Cover of Babyboss magazine cover in Indonesia. Great jobs Chris Parks and Joshua Smith!