Considerations when testing include age of the furnace and hot zone, as well as the age and classification of the instrumentation. Aluminum Brazing is a Dirty Process. Customer requirements may exceed those discussed here.


Typically, this would be used on a recorder mounted on the process furnace. Process mode can be used to track calibration due dates and thermocouple usage conditions for the process equipment and alert the data. Nadcap accreditation is based on many factors. Aerospace aluminum brazing has been around for decades.

It has been a grey area in certain regions of the world, but being prepared for it is better than being surprised. Customers that are new to the aluminum brazing arena are often taken aback by the condition of the hot zone and furnace after a few short months of operation. This best emulates the furnace calibrations to the actual production process when validating the furnace for compliance. Furnace Classification Another factor that affects compliance is the class of your furnace. Several heat treaters have failed Nadcap audits simply because they lack understanding of the basic requirements.

AMS2750D Standards Compliance with X-Series Recorders

It's important to have a thorough understanding of your process in order to make the correct selection of furnace. We have prepared this guide to improve the understanding of pyrometry and the performance of pyrometric functions.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to understand and comply with all customer requirements. Each item provides a five-day warning, through color-coded screen icons, before indicating an out-of-tolerance condition. These tests provide information as to changes over time, by comparing temperature control and recording systems in each control zone with a separate test instrument and thermocouple combination. The following are Nadcap interpretations of the specification and these interpretations must be used only as guidance to the specification. This will reset the next control thermocouple calibration date.

Plus, it monitors thermocouple usage and reports their status. Part of this self-audit is the testing of your equipment to document that it does comply with the required specifications for your particular processes.


The user is alerted when these timers are about to expire. The furnace you choose must be able to achieve the necessary requirements for the parts you are processing to ensure compliance is achievable. This can be changed by selecting this button and changing the date using the on screen date selection. There are many heat treating processes for which Nadcap accreditation may be sought. Vacuum Gauge Nadcap Certification Several heat treaters have failed Nadcap audits simply because they lack understanding of the basic requirements.

AMS2750D Process Mode

Typical Aluminum Brazed Components. Configuration of Equipment Once the process and specifications are understood, the selection of the actual vacuum heat treatment system is considered. Therefore, it is again imperative that you know the process for which you need compliance in order to make sure the furnace classification meets the specifications. Normally type K and type N are utilized.

Temperature uniformity range determines furnace class, and the number, location, and function of the sensors within the furnace determine furnace instrumentation type. There is a synergistic bond and balancing act between the two thresholds. However, pyrometry is also the core and basis of all heat treatment practice.

Nadcap is considered a systematic approach of checkpoints that confirm proven control and repeatability of a given process for which approval is being sought. It continues to evolve and fractionate into different Aerospace niches. Cleaning is mainly done via mechanical scraping and a combination of air and vacuum burn-out cycles.

Meeting AMS E and Nadcap Certifications for Aerospace

Only with time and experience will one be able to fully realize what is considered normal, krishan chander books and how to best maintain the proper balance of magnesium in the furnace. It extremely important to understand the parts that you will be processing and what specifications you need to meet for that particular process.

What is AMS2750 Rev. E

Best practice would be to make sure you are certified to the strictest specifications related to your customer's requirements and processes. While the two normally form a synergistic bond, they first must be separated in order to understand the fundamental differences between the two. The Nadcap team has published a paper to help heat treaters to better understand the reason for their failures and offer guidance to achieve successful certification.

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