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Using a weighted average method of valuation, calculate the value of closing inventory at the end of January. This is essentially a knowledge based question, and the poor results suggest that candidates need to do more work in this area.

Hi Admin This is such a wonderful site. The manufacture of liquid soap is a continuous production process. To date the company has judged the success of its depot managers on the basis of return on investment. Achievement Ladder to track your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses and providing targeted support.

Over-absorbed overhead occurs when actual overhead is less than absorbed overhead, and therefore too much overhead has been charged to production. What are the material price and usage variances for July? Similarly, the salaries of the existing employees are not relevant. Even if one individual makes a supreme effort, this can be negated by poor performance from other members of the group. You learn from our tutors via pre-recorded lectures, who combine academic expertise with strong industry experience, and who are as engaging on-screen as face-to-face.

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Rejected units do not qualify for payment. Economy consists of minimising costs, for example, by obtaining suitable inputs at the lowest price. You can continue to do that and the other sittings in between could then be used as a resit if an exam did not go as well as expected. This is due to economies of scale being received as increased demand for the product occurs. You may prefer to work out the answer before looking at the options, or you may prefer to look at the options at the beginning.

There are a number of factors which affect the reliability of forecasts made using regression analysis. The master budget is used in conjunction with the supporting subsidiary budgets, to plan and control activities. If Balance Co has to offer a high level of refunds, this is likely to indicate a low level of customer satisfaction with its product.

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ACCA F2 Management Accounting/FIA FMA Practice & Revision Kit 2018

The following information is available for May. The following variances occurred during the month. Management accounts are prepared for internal managers of an organisation. Required a Suggest two financial and two non-financial measures by which management might seek to monitor the credit control department.

Which of the following items would be treated as an indirect cost? Achieving a given level of profit is a measure of overall efficiency in its wider sense and would require proper attention to all three of these matters. The following details have been extracted from its budget for April. Adverse and favourable variances alike may be subject to investigation, therefore option A is incorrect.

You shouldn't have too much trouble with this question since it is just a matter of plugging in a value for x into the equation given in the question. Therefore items ii and iii are suitable cost units. It usually comprises the budgeted statement of profit or loss, budgeted statement of financial position and budgeted cash flow statement. Candidates are advised not to stop thinking as soon as they generate a number that corresponds with one of the options offered. Which of the following increase the reliability of the forecast?

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The payback period is exactly four years. Which of the following are characteristics associated with relevant costs?

What are critical success factors? Which of the following statements are true of life cycle costing? What is the relevant labour cost of the contract? The cost is treated as an expense for the period when the inventory is actually sold. It is not carried forward in inventory to a future period.

ACCA F2 Management Accounting/FIA FMA Practice & Revision Kit


ACCA F2 Management Accounting/FIA FMA Practice & Revision Kit 2018

This is an example of what type of planning? Criticism iii can also be addressed in some circumstances. Each element of this course is applied to real-world situations so that you can be sure that you will make an immediate impact to your employers business. The difference in profits is caused by the difference in finished goods inventory valuations.

The denominator of a Laspeyre index is fixed and therefore the Laspeyre index numbers for several different years can be directly compared. Send your request at info aglobalwall. When you come back to a question after a break you often find you are able to answer it correctly straight away. Drop your query via email on info aglobalwall.

What is the labour turnover rate per year? Before they can be distributed, finished goods may have to be temporarily stored in a warehouse therefore the rental of the warehouse will be regarded as a distribution cost.

Having studied the paper before, a Revision course is the best option to get you back on track. In recent exam sittings, pass rates have shown that students are more likely to pass their exam if they attend a Revision Course in addition to a Taught Course. Doing the exam If you have honestly done your revision you can pass this exam. This indicates that many candidates were able to calculate the trend but failed to apply the seasonal adjustment. Online community so you can discuss and learn from fellow students and tutors, p suseela telugu hits mp3 throughout your course up until your exam.

Was there an abnormal loss or abnormal gain arising in each process during the period? The following figures are available. Their interests can be accounted for using a model such as the balanced scorecard.

What is the total annual cost of holding inventory of the component? Credit sales values for June to September are budgeted as follows. Any closing inventory required at the end of a period will increase the quantity required from production in order to satisfy sales and leave a sufficient volume in inventory.

This site has really been helpful for my exams. This allows you to rehearse for the big day by attempting an exam standard new mock exam. Starting early is the best option, as you will be maximising the time you have available to prepare, as well as allowing yourself the opportunity to apply your learning to your role at work. If the variance is uncontrollable, but not simply due to chance, it will be necessary to review forecasts of expected results, and perhaps to revise the budget.

This product would then be classified as a joint product. One way of deciding whether or not to investigate a variance is to investigate only those variances which exceed pre-set tolerance limits. In a standard absorption costing system the total fixed overhead variance includes expenditure and volume variances.

To make the most of the time available we recommend that you start studying for your next paper before you've had the results of the previous paper you've just sat. Overhead is absorbed into the cost of jobs using the predetermined overhead absorption rate. You may wish to follow the approach outlined below, or you may prefer to adapt it.