Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye Mp3

He was so unique in the sense that no one can near the art of such a shrill, sober yet mesmerising voice. Kab meri umeed poorin karoge Sahib. Niman Banr Nirman Kare Apane. When I sit alone and listen to him I feel I do not need a companion, cause I have a friend with me who understands my emotions, how to project igi 1 for pc my feelings. But I think it needs to be improved.

Ramesh Naatua And Yashasvini. Mai Jagmagati Yu Hi Zilmilati. Teri Niganhon Me Prabhu - Sharmishtha.

Please give rare songs as much as possible. With warm and loving regards.

Your dad was my favorite and my dad's favorite as well. Baba Ham Tumhare Bina - B. Really a great - rather the greatest job! Karoke Music - Pitashri Brahma.

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Baba Tumhare Dil Me ham he. If you ever visit Edmonton Canada, Please visit my home it would be an honour. Gaiye Gun Gaan Prabhu Kaa.

Besides this, he sung all of his songs very easily and effortlessly. You proved to be a worthy son of your loving father. It was a wonderful experience.

Can you please write me any other site where I can hear his songs. Jeevan Jisne kamal Pushpa - Siza Roay. Well, I have most of the popular songs and gazals, but when I saw the site I understood that I am missing a lot.

Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye Hindi Song DownloadAap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye Hindi Song Download

Such was his calibare that upon hearing his Bengali Songs, it is hard to believe that he was not a Bengali. God bless him and may his soul live in peace. He sang two of my request songs also.

Always a pleasure listening to your father Khalid. Original like my favourite Md. How great and humble he was.

Legend Talat Mehmood has been my heartiest singer. Samay ja Raha Hai - Harish Moyal. Khalid, What a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest singers the sub-continent has ever known! It was really a class talat song. He was an inspiration, he was our path to enlightenment, he was our dream of all possibilities.

Khalid Mehmood I found this site interested, for me it is heaven. It was so soothing to the eyes to see Talatji and the other stars of golden days gone by. Singer like Talat Mahmood are born once in a million years and they are not replaceable. We cherish that memory still. When I become adult and started understanding music I found Talats voice a prescription for healing of all kinds.

Jaisa Sochonge Tum Vaisha Ban. Main Atma Houn meri Shaktiya.

Warmest wishes on the Birth Anniversary of Talat Sahab today. He had his God-gifted vibrant voice. Also I want to hear the bengali film songs sung by the legend singer Obviously the original soundtrack. That is why you will find less, rather no, Talat clones. Now all my Friends are giving remarks that my voice is same as talat.

Talat Mahmood is a Legend and there is no match to him. But I did not find these in listen to audio page. Thank you and all the best.

Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Song Download

This website about Talat Mahmood is mind-boggling and has left me dazed. But the older version is very very rare.

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